What political leanings does a devout Satanist tend toward? This is a good question with no straight answer. The devout Satanist may align their self with a single political party, many (sometimes conflicting) political ideologies, or no political affiliation at all. It largely depends on the Satanist. Whatever particular political tendency any one Satanist might have, you can bet it squares quite evenly with their own interests. Of course, who in their right mind would buy wholeheartedly into any platform which doesn't fully represent their own interests?

The Satanist holds him (or her) self in the highest esteem — above that of all others. This is an enlightened egoism though, and all devout Satanists understand that self-interests which work to the detriment of others may backfire and work to the detriment of the Satanist as well. Accepting this, a devout Satanists may align himself with a political ideology that seeks to grant him as many freedoms as possible while granting others the same as well. These politics don't always fit with mainstream parties and the Satanist may find himself at odds with the likes of Democrats, Republicans, and others.

If we look at United States political parties in the most simple terms, we can say that Democrats are both socially and fiscally liberal. That is, the party tends to believe that a society owes it to individuals to allow freedom from behavioral edicts handed down by government and to provide for the general good by ensuring common wealth is spread evenly amongst the masses. While this may seem a noble goal, it is inherently selfish and it commands party adherents to feel guilty for what they have achieved and urges them (through social shaming) to share more and provide for those with lesser fortunes. In their view, the government is responsible for ensuring equal opportunity.

Continuing with our most simple of terms, Republicans are easily viewed as both socially and fiscally conservative. That is, the party tends to believe that individuals are free to function as they like and amass wealth and power, provided it is achieved within a social construct derived from an agreed upon set of morals and rules of conduct. Those who achieve the greatest power have the largest say in the matter of the morals and rules and those that have not must be bound by them wether or not they are beneficial or detrimental. In their view, the government is responsible for establishing the playing field.

Once again, under the lens of our most simple terms, we see Libertarians as socially liberal but fiscally conservative. In their view, it is up to an individual to determine their own level of success and individuals are free to amass wealth and power and should have no expectation of government intervention (neither for benefit nor detriment) in these pursuits. As well, there shall be no forced set of morals or rules of conduct and certainly no government enforcement of such shall ever be allowed. In their view, individuals freedoms are to be upheld at all costs and government is only present (if present at all) to facilitate the interactions between individuals.

Now, as mentioned in each example, these are only the most basic of descriptions of mainstream political parties and the true platforms of each are significantly more nuanced than any of the descriptions allow. To add to the complexity, there are schisms and sects within each party with their own, subtly different and further nuanced, interpretations of the party platforms. This fact matters not in the discussion at hand. It only matters that each of the three parties have each their own political agenda and the Satanist is caught somewhere in between. But... Is the Satanists caught? Mayhap not.

When it comes to politics, the Satanist is free to pick and choose. If establishing equal opportunity serves the interest of the Satanist, then he may claim affiliation with the Democratic party. If the Satanist is hell bent on establishing a playing field of a particular ilk, his allegiance me be to the Republican party. If a Satanist chooses personal freedom, then Libertarian he may be. These are not constraints however. For, as I said, the Satanist if free to cherry-pick when it best serves him. If a Satanist is ardently opposed to gun control he might side with Republicans or Libertarians on that issue. If he is also in support of a strong social welfare system, he may side with the Democrats there. If he is opposed to any form of taxation, he may eschew any of the parties or stick only to Libertarianism there. The point is, that a Satanist, truly understanding of his own interests is no bound by party doctrine. He is bound by belief and adherence to what serves him, regardless of what party holds the similar belief.

What political leanings does a devout Satanist tend toward? I stated in the introduction of this post that there is no straight answer to tha question. Indeed there is however and the answer is both simple an complicated. The Satanist is a politician of self and the interest of self my be an amalgam of myriad political theories, or none at all. A Satanist does not blindly put all his eggs in basket of one party. He picks and choose which basket will return him the most eggs and only allocates enough there to bring forth a profit.

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