Satanists embrace the indulgences in life. That is, there can be no self-sacrifice nor denial of pleasure in a Satanist's attitude toward enjoying all that life has to offer. This is not however, an invitation to allow compulsion to take over. There is a very nuanced line between indulgence and compulsion. Many otherwise sensible Satanists use the concept of indulgence to justify compulsion and this practice is not truly Satanic.

Indulgence is a fulfillment of desires such that a person is satiated and no longer wants (albeit temporarily sometimes) for said desire. It is the antithesis of self-denial or withholding from entertaining a specific appetite. Compulsion, on the other hand is indulgence run amok. It is an irresistible impulse to act which is often contrary to the will of the individual. Herein lies the distinction between indulgence and compulsion. It is an exceptionally important difference.

Any indulgence may turn into a compulsion if an individual does not maintain a strong will to keep the compulsion at bay. A compulsion is not Satanic because a Satanist (as a deity) cannot have his will overturned. An indulgent Satanist eschews compulsion and acts only when it is in direct benefit of himself and is indeed his own will to do so. A simple example of this lies in drug use — specifically nicotine.

Say a garden variety sheep of a person decides to indulge in smoking. Let's also say, for the sake of this argument, it is not merely peer pressure that causes our lamb to act, but instead it is a conscious decision of their own. Within a matter of months, we find our sheep smoking a pack-a-day without a consciousness of why the original indulgence has become a compulsion. Along the way from indulgence in a cigarette here and there, to reliance on twenty of them per day just to feel OK, our garden variety sheep has lost the ability of will (notwithstanding they likely did not have much to begin with). No longer is it the lamb controlling the indulgence but the indulgence is controlling the lamb. This is the essence of the difference between indulgence and compulsion.

A Satanist does not follow the same path as this sheep because the Satanist does not relinquish control of will. A Satanist can not fall prey to addiction because the Satanist realizes that addiction is both compulsory, and degenerative. Holding himself above all, as a supreme deity, the Satanist does not allow an indulgence to pose a threat to physical or mental well being nor usurp the supremacy of his will. This is the very nuanced line between indulgence and compulsion.

If you ever hear a Satanist justifying an addiction, fixation, obsession, or dependence on the practice of indulgence, you will immediately see that such Satanist is not a goat among sheep but a sheep among men. Satanism and compulsion is contradictory and cannot coexist. Satanism and indulgence is complimentary and will always remain concordant.

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