Do you worship the devil? Hell no! I worship only myself. ...The rest of the universe, I study.
Anton LaVey wrote that "Satanism demands study, not worship" and this was an eloquent and perfectly clear way to declare what is required of a devout Satanist. It is not required of a Satanist to give 100% obedient deference to an invisible being who controls every aspect of the Satanist's life. It is required of a Satanist to understand Satanism as much as possible so that he can live in accordance with the basic tenets that define Satanism and understand why Satinists think, speak, and act as they do. This requirement is paramount and it is often an aspect entirely missing from other religions. Indeed, some religions admonish adherents against further study outside of the religion!

Fortunately for Satanists, contemporary Satanism is no longer as obscure as it once was. There are a growing number of academic treatments of the subject that can aid the Satanist in further study. Add to that, there are myriad individuals who (rightly or not) espouse their understanding of Satanism and make their words readily available in print or electronic forms. For instance, Jesper Petersen is a noted academic who has furthered the study of Satanism as a religion more so than many others in recent history. One of his works, The Encyclopedic Sourcebook of Satanism is a book this Satanist recommends to all as a must read!

In addition to the topic of Satanism itself, a Satanist must study and understand topics in history, philosophy, psychology, science, technology, and even religion to be a truly devout Satanist. No topic is taboo and nothing should be left out of Satanic study. Imagine the power a Satanist can build when blind worship time is converted to enriching study time!

...and on the subject of worship... It is still important for a Satanist to worship. His worship should be confined however, to the one deity in his life — himself. What form should this worship take? After all, it is hard to kneel down to yourself. The worship can take any form the Satanist feels appropriate. For some it is a focus on exercise, good food, and health. For others it can be indulgence intended as an offering to oneself. For still others, it may be meditation, and silent "prayer" to oneself to embolden and strengthen resolve, power, and cunning.

If someone asks me if I worship the devil I tell them: "Hell NO!" I worship myself. I study the Devil!

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