I'm not a person who typically endorses products and suggests things to buy. If I like something, I might buy it for myself and if someone asks about it I'll let them know where I found it. When it comes to "pushing" products though, I am not interested. I make an exception to this rule sometimes when the product is a book however. Books are interesting devices as they represent knowledge in a concrete form. A book is something that contains information, knowledge, and sometimes wisdom in a corporeal and tangible format. It is not like electronic media that can be wiped away with a flick of the switch. Books can last a long, long time and are so far unrivaled in their ability to archive human knowledge.

No matter what Satanic sect a Satanist ascribes to, one thing we all seem to share in common is our drive for knowledge. Anton LaVey (arguably a man who has done a significant service in promoting Satanism to the mainstream) recognized and admonished that Satanism demands "study, not worship." To that end, many Satanists enjoy collecting books. Recently, Rabid Crow Publishing (a seemingly small company owned by a Church of Satan member) created a hardcover edition of Anton LaVey's seminal work "The Satanic Bible" combined with one of his later books; "The Satanic Rituals."

I am endorsing and promoting this book because, whether or not LaVeyan Satanism of interest, the opportunity to own a collection of Satanic knowledge in hardcover book form is one not to be passed up. Knowledge revering Satanists of any sect may be interested in this and it is a worthwhile thing to take a moment to mention.

Since I'm making book recommendations, I must also mention another hardcover that Satanists may wish to own. The Encyclopedic Sourcebook of Satanism is an academic exercise which became the authoritative guide to both modern Satanism and its historic counterpart. This tome is full of information about Satanism as a religion and Satanism as a media sensation with a focus on the Satanic Panic of the 1980s and 1990s. It is also hard cover and a important book for Satanists of any leaning.

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