Do Satanists need to be filled with hate to be devout? Of course not!! I hate people who insist on hate as a facet of Satanism!

To be sure, hate is a human emotion and Satanist both celebrate and revel in all of the human emotions —hate being just one of the myriad emotions we experience. Still, it is not required of a Satanist to hate at all. Indeed, if a person rarely (or if possible, never) feels hate, they certainly would not be precluded from practicing Satanism. Does such a person exist? Possibly. Is there such a person who is also a Satanist? Possibly. The reality though, is that most humans feel many emotions and some are stronger than others. Hate can be a very strong emotion (as strong or stronger than love even) and it should never be relegated to the "back halls" of the mind. Nor should it be suppressed as a "negative" feeling — one that is not worthy of being experienced. Satanist experience hate just as anyone else does but Satanists do not repress the emotion as unworthy of being felt. Instead, a Satanist fully realizes the emotion, uses it in constructive (or destructive) ways, and moves on. It is the very acceptance and incorporation of this "bad" emotion in a society that actively surpasses (or narrowly channels) it that makes Satanism seem as if hate is required.

Satanism is unique in its acceptance of all human emotions. So many other religions either try to suppress or enhance specific emotions or (worse yet) require them to be channeled toward specific targets. Muslims are allowed to hate, but must focus their hate on infidels. Buddhists are encouraged (required?) not to hate but to express only love (is it possible to force one emotion over another?) even toward those who are hostile to them. Christians are encouraged to love but are allowed to hate, provided the subject of their ire is anything that contradicts the "teachings" of their book. Each of these cases demonstrate an exceptionally problematic view of human emotion — that some emotions are better than others and only by controlling emotions can anyone ever hope to be a "good" person. This is counter to the reality of being human.

Human emotions are felt. They rise up, sometimes unexpectedly, overwhelm our senses and become an integral part of our life experience. They are a catalyst for action and often usher in new realizations. They are healthy, valuable, and important. They should never be suppressed, over or undervalued, nor treated as trifles. We human beings have no control over our emotions but we do have full control over our actions. It is the action spurred by the emotion that we must use to our benefit (never our detriment).

Is hate required of a Satanist? No, but acceptance of the emotion is. What is also required of a Satanist is that he or she remains solely responsible for all his or her actions — be they out of hate, love, or any other human emotion.

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