I find it amusing when Christian zealots make my case for me and confirm my positions. It runs so counter to their belief that I can't hide my amusement and relish in the "confirmation" of my Satanism. This time around I happened upon an interesting article from last year. It seems that some of both my adult and childhood choices may have led me to the left-hand path and thus directly into the hands of Satan!

According to Polish priest Slawomir Kostrzewa LEGO is a tool of Satan.

LEGO building blocks were a staple of my childhood and one of my greatest sources of creativity. As an adult, I have rediscovered the love and lure of LEGOs and have begun a collection of some very specific models. From the article:

In a presentation aimed at parents, Father Slawomir Kostrzewa said the popular Danish toy company had taken a lurch to the dark side with its series of Monster Fighters and Zombie mini-figures, and that they "were about darkness and the world of death". "Friendly fellows have been replaced by dark monsters," he explained. "These toys can have a negative effect on children. They can destroy their souls and lead them to the dark side." Lego's Monster Fighters range features Lord Vampyre, a fanged Dracula-like character, who battles the likes of Doctor Rodney Rathbone and Major Quinton Steele as they try to prevent him from "cloaking the world in darkness".

Interestingly, the Monster Fighters collection was one I'd been working to complete. Fortunately for me, my soul was already destroyed by basic LEGO bricks, space exploration sets, and castle models. I was lead to the dark side and it is from there that I have reached for the Monster Fighters.

This Father Slawomir Kostrzewa is very astute and I applaud him for his understanding of the importance toys and play in regards to childhood development. I certainly wouldn't want any children I know to be deprived of the creativity, confidence, imagination, motor skills, organizational skills, logic and problem solving skills that are developed by playing with LEGO bricks. Since "the dark side" is the one where these developmental advantage are found, I'm happy that LEGO is leading children there.

Maybe I'll handout LEGO packs for Halloween this year. That could go a long way to help kids safe from the oblivion of the "light side."

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