This past Sunday saw the passing of an event known as a super blood moon. This particular lunar eclipse event was quite special for a number of reasons. Foremost, it was a total lunar eclipse. That is, the moon passed fully within the earth's shadow making for an eclipse that shrouded it in a rusty, blood-like hue. Secondly, the full moon was in a state known as "supermoon" where the moon is as close as it gets to earth in its orbit. This makes the moon appear considerably larger than when it is further away. Lastly, and certainly not least, this was the fourth total lunar eclipse in a series (known as a tetrad) which is special in and of itself.

For moon lovers such as myself, this was an especially enjoyable event. I made a point of watching it simply to say I had and also for the fact that the last super blood moon was in 1982 and the next is another 30 years away! For religious fanatics, this eclipse was a harbinger of calamity — a portent of bad things to come before October. Of course, the reality of this is simply science and the alignment of the sun, the earth and the moon is an entirely predictable and calculable occurrence. Of course, we Satanists know a little about greater magic and a rare astronomical event such as a super blood moon certainly has its magical elements. This is something we would be remiss not to use to our advantage...

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