eugenicsProbably the most polarizing subject in Satanism is that of eugenics — the science of controlled breeding for a superior human race. This is not really polarizing for Satanists who generally all understand the implications and desirability of eugenics, but it certainly is for laypeople and mundanes. One of the first images to come to mind of the non-Satanist is the Nazi practice of targeted destruction of individuals. The second is probably the "cliff babies" of Sparta. Neither of these is exactly what Satanism has in mind however. Sure, a non-nuanced, base interpretation is the destruction of "lesser" human beings for the benefit of the stronger and certainly this is one way of accomplishing eugenics. The Satanist view however, is decidedly more mature than this. As stratification naturally happens, so does the removal and promotion of lesser and greater traits and humans. Humans however, are capable of furthering this process or hampering it, and it so happens that we further it as well as hamper it.

We practice eugenics without even noticing. Pregnant mothers are often counseled about possible birth defects and even undergo genetic testing for illnesses such as down syndrome and tay sachs disease. Ultrasounds are preformed to try to catch genetic defects early in the hopes of terminating pregnancies that are at risk. These are commonplace methods of the decidedly Satanic policy of eugenics. They certainly do not equate to Nazi practices and are readily accepted by the masses. They have done a great service in weeding out maladies that pollute the human genome and cause strife and suffering.

Even before a pregnancy is tested, people practice eugenics in the simple act of mate selection. It is rare to find a healthy, vital person who actively seeks out a wretched diseased mate for coupling and breeding. When looking for a partner doesn't everyone search for the most healthy, beautiful, and strong among us? This is eugenics as well. It is a conscious selecting of specific genetics toward the end of creating healthy, vibrant offspring! It is something to be applauded, not derided.

As the human race advances in science, we continue to pursue avenues allowing us to specifically select for desirable genes and even edit our own genome to produce those traits we want most. In general, this is not frowned upon as the Spartan practice of throwing the runt children off of cliffs. Of course, it doesn't seem as brutal but is does achieve the same ends. When we're able to consciously select genetic traits and even enhance our own genetics we are coming closer and closer to ensuring not only the survival of the human race but the superiority of it! This should be celebrated and encouraged. It makes us stronger Gods!

Advancing science has created a strange dichotomy here however. So insistent are we humans at preserving all life that many of us have taken it to the extreme. When medical science has made even the most feeble able to survive against all odds, it has weakened the genetic pool of humanity. So often we see people who would never have survived without medical intervention alive and even breeding. This is certainly not Satanic as it doesn't select for the best traits available but instead allows the weak ones to thrive and propagate. Although it may seem to some people a "noble" and altruistic gesture, keeping those unfortunate souls alive, it is instead short sighted and ultimately does a disservice to humankind as a whole. Of course, this is not to say that all medical intervention is bad. Certainly good and desirable genetics can be kept for instance, in the event of a cesarean section during a problematic childbirth, but doctors often go well beyond this by keeping significantly challenged humans alive through myriad interventions and life support systems.

Before accusations of callousness fly, we must address something. There is a significant difference between problem abnormalities and favorable "niche" traits that deviate from the norm. Satanic eugenics is in the interest of furthering human kind but not in conforming future generations to the bell curve of mediocrity. At no point should an intelligent Satanist proclaim that non life threatening nor less than significantly limiting maladies be weeded out. It is readily observable that some genetics traits may, at first blush, appear not very beneficial but later be found to be advantageous. As humans evolve and as our environment changes, so too do favorable traits and even though we may not realize a trait as favorable during this instant, generations from now that same trait may be critical to survival. It is with this in mind that advanced Satanist understand that Satanic eugenics is a nuanced tenet and one that requires deep thinking, rather than a cursory proclamation.

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