Yet again, as the wheel of the seasons turn, do we greet my most hallowed of holidays - Halloween!

This year, with an open heart (literally, and still beating at that) I greeted new neighbors with treats in lieu of tricks and celebrated deep into this night of remembrance of the dead. I began a new tradition with the watching of a newly discovered seasonal favorite movie "Trick 'r Treat."

Released in 2007, this Satanist may have been a little late to the game in finding this particular cinematic gem but, regardless when the movie was found, it will become a staple of the All Hallows' Eve celebration! So, in addition to (over) indulgence in candy and the celebration of all things "scary" I have adopted the annual watching of "Trick 'r Treat" as one of Halloween's essential rituals.

Next year, I plan to fully indulge in my favorite holiday by extensively modifying my home to scare friends, family and neighbors and ensure that All Hallow's Eve 2016 is one that will not be forgotten!

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