The winter solstice of 2015 c.e. (A.S. L) has come and gone but and Satanists have celebrated the event with merriment and indulgence. Personally, I lit a full and exuberant yule fire and celebrated Saturnalia style with a horn of mead and my family by my side. Of course, we decorated tree to celebrate eternal life much as European pagans did so long ago, and we exchanged gifts and offered favors for each other as was tradition during the Saturnalia festivities of ancient Rome.

Christians like to claim "Christmas" (Xmas to us heathens) as their own, but we Satanists know this ritual was lifted (like so many other christian "traditions") from human practices that came long before the self-proclaimed "righteous" theists.

So, it was with merriment and mirth that we celebrated this, the darkest time of year, and the celestial oddity of a rare full cold moon, for the pure joy of life, rather than for the mythologized birth of the son of a non-extant "god." Satanism reveres life and all that fulfills it, contrary to a fear of the afterlife and all that that is imagined.

With this we raise our glasses of elixir to those we love and cherish and offer gifts of plenty and feast in their honor on this, the winter solstice of 2015!

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