This book was an accidental find for me but, on reading the liner notes, I became quickly enthralled by its content. Written in 1924 by Kersey Graves, "The Biography of Satan: Exposing the Origins of the Devil" is essentially a takedown of the christian belief in a devil and hell. Graves sets out to expose the reasons behind the christian need to assign "all evil" to a specific being who threatens eternal damnation if one is to deviate from the christian doctrine's prescribed path.

Kersey draws on pagan beliefs, religious texts from other cultures, ancient stories, and the christian bible to establish, quite convincingly, that the christian "devil" of the new testament is a fabricated lie and at no time (save the recent past) did christianity ascribe "all good" to a benevolent god and "all bad" to a maleficent devil. Indeed, Kersey explains how, in early christianity (as well as a number of other religions) that both "good" and "evil" were manifestations of a single "god" (the sun god). Further, Kersey describes that "good" and "evil" where historically descriptive of only natural phenomena and not the deeds of men - whom made their own decisions without influence from a god nor devil.

Kersey's examples are well chosen and promote his points effectively. He demolishes the current christian doctrine showing it to be the fiction it is and all the while makes a great case for us Satanic atheists. Every once in a while, I find a book that holds my interest through to the end and I can count "Biography of Satan" among them.

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