Ceadda Agon is a solitary practitioner of Satanism. While Ceadda ascribes to the tenets, philosophies, and precepts of a number of different Satanic sects, he does not consider himself beholden to any particular one. Ceadda is free to mix and match those aspects he believes in to form an eclectic version of Satanism that is all his own. He is equally free to adopt or abandon beliefs when he is so inclined. This attitude is particularly Satanic because Ceadda is the Godhead of his universe and cannot be defined by those from without.

Ceadda Agon is an old name. Ceadda originates from pre-Celctic languages and roughly translates as "battle leader" or "warrior." Agon is ancient Greek in origin meaning "struggle" or "clash of opposing forces resulting in growth." Agon forms the words "agony," "protagonist", and "antagonist." Ceadda Agon is thus the battle leader or warrior of a struggle between opposing forces - especially one that results in progress. It is a name particularly representative of Satanism.

I, Satanist is the chronicle of Ceadda's views on Satanism as it pertains to himself and the society at large. While the journal is primarily concerned with Satanism it is not bound by the subject and may contain entries on other subjects as well. Most of the work is conceptual but Ceadda provides practical and pragmatic articles occasionally as well. In addition to detailing thoughts and opinions, I, Satanist also contains some resources for Satanists, initiates, and the inquisitive.

If you are interested in discourse with Ceadda about I, Satanist, Satanism or other topics, you may use the contact form herein to reach him. A response is not necessarily guaranteed but more than likely — especially if you sound interesting.