Edzard Ceadda Stanislaus III is a Satanist. While Ceadda ascribes to the tenets, philosophies, and precepts of Satanism as codified by Anton Szandor LaVey, he does not consider himself delineated by his religion. Ceadda recognizes himself as a Satanist by birth. He fully embraces the Satanic concepts of Greater and Lesser Magic while rejecting all supernatural, occult, paranormal, and superstitious beliefs.

The name: Edzard Ceadda Stanislaus III, is an ancient honorific. Edzard originates from the Frisian Germanic tongue and means "sharp sword." Ceadda arises in pre-Celctic languages and roughly translates as "battle leader" or "warrior." Stanislaus is Slavic in origin and is given to mean "becoming glorious." Edzard Ceadda Stanislaus III is thus the third in a line of sharp sworded, battle leaders ascending (or descending, as it were) to glory. It is an appellation befitting a self-aware Satanist.

I, Satanist is the curated archive of Ceadda's personal views on Satanism as it pertains to himself and human society at large. Although Ceadda is a card-carrying member of the Church of Satan, none of the views presented herein necessarily reflect those of the Church. Furthermore, Ceadda must not be misconstrued as a spokesperson for the Church.

The name: I, Satanist, is a play on the title of Isaac Asmiov's fix-up novel of science fiction essays: I, Robot. In similar fashion to the novel, which contains short stories and essays tied by a central theme, I, Satanist contains essays unified by the theme of Satanism. Adopting a name similar to the Asimov book (being about humanoid robots) also serves as a playful allusion to Satanism's Fourth Point of Pentagonal Revisionism—the import of which, should not be underestimated!